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Working In Areas Of Limited Infrastructure By Using Construction Projects And Practical Service To Speed The Gospel To Those Who Have Never Heard.

Where We Are

Project Locations And Involvement

USA | Canada HQ

Make an impact with your time and talents! If you have a heart to serve, we can find a job for you! From packing shipping containers to writing thank you notes, there’s always…


The Amazon is a vast frontier of dense jungle and swamps, with little modern infrastructure for the remote peoples who live there. This jungle region presents a challenge to travelers and forms…


Rama Cay is an ancient community in Central America dating back thousands of years. Surrounded by water, the jungle interior is cluttered with elevated homes constructed…

Papua New Guinea

After making repairs on a missionary home, a text comes in to help a stranded missionary with a flat tire. To resume their broadcasting, the Christian radio station in town calls…


Vanuatu is comprised of 83 tiny islands covered by countless hidden and remote mountain villages. It’s on the island of Espiritu Santo with the NiVan people that Friends in Action…

West Africa

Words and pictures only do so much to describe the incredible need for water in West Africa, and never render justice to the amazing work that is happening through Friends In Action’s…

Friends In Action, International - Field Leaders and group gathered around praying


The Power Behind Our Mission

Here at Friends in Action, Intl., we believe in the power behind our mission. With over 30 years of experience, we understand the importance of utilizing construction projects and practical service to accelerate spreading the Good News of the Gospel. With impact studies and project management, we ensure that our efforts create a lasting impact.


Receive Request

FIA receives a request to partner in an infrastructure or service related project. Requests can be received from foreign nationals, missionaries, or a mission organization.


Aligns With Mission

When reviewing a requested project, our team prayerfully considers if the project aligns with the focus of our FIA’s Mission Statement.


Survey Trip

During a survey trip we evaluate the need firsthand and meet with national project leaders to discuss the best method of collaborating as a team.

Plan Of Action

FIA and national leaders work closely together to develop a plan of action. FIA also provides impact studies including project management.

Our Leadership

FIA Is Led By A Passionate And Experienced Team

Get to know the passionate and experienced Leadership of Friends In Action, International. Everyone’s dedication is the driving force behind our mission of moving earth to share heaven.

Our Partners

FIA’s projects consist of partnerships between FIA work teams and national pastors, missionaries, mission organizations or indigenous people groups already located on the project site who request our help. This partnership ensures that at each work site, in addition to the completion of the project, the Gospel of Jesus Christ is also shared. FIA values retaining relationships long after the project has been completed.


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